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    President’s Communication : August 2020

    Dear Fellow Members and colleagues

    Assalamu Alaikum,

    It is still puzzling that, despite some countries' initial successes in curbing the pandemic, the virus is now spreading like never before. Virologists were already predicting a second wave of coronavirus infections months ago. The more people break the rules of conduct and restrictions introduced to curb the pandemic, the greater the risk of such a second wave. Now, it seems to be rolling in. People's desire to travel is on the rise. Too many people are congregating in too small spaces. The risk of infection is rising, worldwide. We are no exception. The country was passing through the first wave of COVID-19 infections and it was unknown how long the first wave would continue.


    When fear and uncertainty is the order of the day, we are trying to perform our core activities as much as possible. Challenges and difficult times do provide learning lessons crucial for success. I believe, targets will be achieved if we remain resolved to our goals.


    Dear members of fraternity, you are the mentors of financial mitigation in business and economy. I believe pandemic could not stop us from rendering our services to the businesses truly needed in this critical juncture of global economic slowdown.


    Dear members, in the month of August 2020, keeping pace with the new normal, ICAB held a good number of events in virtual platform.


    Let me now highlight important activities of the Month of August 2020:

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