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    President’s Communication: February 2021

    Dear Fellow Members

    Assalamu Alaikum, Greetings to you all,Hope you are all fine. Though unfortunately, we are in a situation where the number of people infected by Covid-19 has been again in rise triggering a fresh woe, and making us re-thinking its impact on our economy. We know that our society, economy, business have already been hit hard by the COVID Pandemic. We also do know that as professional, we have the knowledge, experience and ability of understanding the successful survival plan and the knowledge to overcome challenges caused by this pandemic.

    For successful survival from this situation, transformation of business is significant. The potential and possibilities of our world to change is endless, no doubt. We must embrace the change, otherwise we will be overwhelmed by it.

    Endowed with an entrepreneurial mind, a social heart, and an ecological soul; I believe, Chartered Accountants are the best fit to build the agile, inclusive, and sustainable businesses of the 21st Century.

    With this prelude, I would like to update you on major activities that we undertook during the Month of February 2021.

    Workshop on Audit Practice Software for CA Firms in Bangladesh

    ICAB organized day long workshop on “Audit Practice Software for CA Firms in Bangladesh” on 24 February 2021.  I delivered address of welcome. Mr. Shubhashish Bose, CEO-ICAB introduced the “Theme of Workshop” and Ms. Maria Howlader FCA, Vice President- ICAB and Chairman of the Project demonstrated the Importance of Audit Practice Software and how CA Firms can be benefitted by overcoming the challenges of Existing paper based manual audit system.

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