CPD Criteria for Members

Entitlement Criteria for CPD Credit hours of ICAB Members


  Sl #
CPD Credit Hours
Review (preparing comments and re- modeling) of IASs or IFRSs, ISA, IAPS, Assurance and Ethics Pronouncements and other standards & pronouncements issued by IASB, IAASB, IAPC & IFAC assigned by TRC for the purpose of adoption by ICAB
03-05 Hours
Participation in recognized International / Regional /National (Professional Institute / Firm / Corporate Bodies / Association etc) Professional Conference / Seminars / Workshops (recognized from time to time by TRC):
I. For each Conference
a International/Regional
b National
II. For each Seminar / Workshop / Training
a International/Regional
b National
10 Hours
05 Hours
05 Hours
03 Hours
Writing the editorial column / Authoring an article for the Bangladesh Accountant (accepted by the Editorial Board) without remuneration
05 Hours
Reviewer of article(s) for the Bangladesh Accountant (accepted by the Editorial Board) without remuneration
05 Hours
Writing / Authoring / Revising of study manuals for ICAB students (without remuneration)
10 Hours
For each Conference / Workshop / Seminar / Training:
I. Paper Presenter ( without remuneration)
II. Session Chairman ( without remuneration)
III. Commentator ( without remuneration)
10 Hours
06 Hours
06 Hours
1. In all cases, to achieve credit hours from outside ICAB, members are required to produce documentary evidence duly signed by the competent authority to the ICAB for consideration by TRC within 03 months from the date of earning such credit hours. The evidence must mention/state the topics and date of participation. In appropriate situation the TRC may ask for the copy of the paper (s) presented in the participated conference/seminar/workshop.
2. Members residing within the country should earn at least 75% credit hours from ICAB and in case of non-resident members, the CPD credit hours will be counted if the institute/universities/ organization are recognized by TRC-ICAB.
3. In the case of any joint program with other Institute/Organization, members would get benefit only if the participation is registered through ICAB.
Update Date : 16/05/2017

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