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Role title

Deputy Director


Financial Report Monitoring & Practice Review Department

Overall Role Purpose

  • To strengthen the regulatory functions of the Institute
  • To lead the institute as the member staff in the technical areas.
  • To lead the institute’s work in regulating the behaviour of the members and the firms, ensuring the highest standards of probity, integrity and professionalism.

Reports to

Head of Department/Division

Scope of Role


Job description

  • To prepare Regular and Follow-up visit plan;
  • To perform regular quality assurance visits to chartered accountants firms as per visit plan;
  • To prepare quality assurance visit reports;
  • To perform review of industry wise financial reporting such as listed companies annual report as suggested by the authority and to report to QAB on compliance of reporting framework;
  • To perform continuous monitoring of the Digital Verification System (DVS) of ICAB and to ensure proper monitoring over the CA Firms from quality control aspect;
  • To assist HoD in liaison with different regulatory agencies in connection with DVS;
  • To perform analysis of Annual Return submitted by CA Firms, to reconcile the information of Annual Return with the record of DVS and to prepare risk base visit plan;
  • To assist HoD in preparing report to be sent to the Investigation & Disciplinary Committee (IDC) of the Council ICAB and will extend further support to the concerned department of ICAB to resolve the issues with IDC;
  • Arrange Quality Assurance related training/ workshop/ conference for the members /practicing members/staff of CA Firms;
  • Support technical Strategy Department to ensure the institute is seen as the leading technical authority in accounting
  • To review, adopt and disseminate updated accounting and auditing standards
  • To review, adopt and disseminate updated international education standards
  • To take an active and positive role in international strategy development with IFAC. IASB, CAPA, SAFA etc
  • To make an independent review of any complain from any sources in line with the legal/financial reporting framework;
  • To visit the office of concerned Chartered Accountant Firm to complete the assessment, where required;
  • To make assessment proactively or on demand of authorities on any particular issues;
  • To make assessment, either the case should be referred to the Investigation & Disciplinary Committee or not;
  • To prepare the IDC report as well as Council Disciplinary Orders; and
  • Any other work/ duty assigned from time to time by the authority.




Sr. Assistant Director - IT  

Functional Part:

  • Analysis the business requirements & objective as well as work with the team of the institute to meet those objectives.

  • Working with in-house team as well as external team to map the SRS documents for the system to be developed within the defined scope

  • Working with in-house team and external team to perform testing and implementing the developed system.

  • Determine the gap between existing operating procedure and in developed ERP System and advising for the course of action in this regard.

  • Co-ordinate the all concerns and ensure effective participation for successful implementation of ERP System.

Reports to: Head of Department, IT

Technical Part:

  • Solid understanding of the software development life cycle

  • Full stack software development experience

  • Experience working with SCRUM/Agile methodologies on web application development projects

  • Expertise on Oracle Database 11g/12c, JEE2, .Net Core & Apache TomCat and ensuring the adoption of industry standard technical frame works.

  • Expertise on Web Portal development & deployment and contributing in ICAB web portal reconstruction as mentioned in scope of work.


Job Experience:

  • Sound knowledge & experience in web technologies.
  • Hands-on experience with popular frameworks like Spring, Hibernate and Struts   
  • Minimum 5 years’ experience in software development and End-to-end ERP Project implementations.


  • Excellent communication, organizing, time management and teamwork skills.
  • Ability to communicate complex technical information.
  • Self-motivated, team player who likes responsibilities.



Assistant Director - IT

Functional Part:

  • Monitoring & managing all IT infrastructure & system
  • Ensuring all IT Infrastructures & Systems smooth functioning.
  • Evaluate the existing systems and provide the technical direction to IT support staff.

Reports to: Head of Department, IT

Technical Skills:

  • Sound knowledge on Network Topologies, Configuring Network Switch & Routers,
  • Sound knowledge on the different routing protocol, able to configure static & dynamic routes in CISCO & MIKROTIK router


  • Configuring BGP, OSPF, EIGRP, RIP, VRRP, VPLS, Inter VLAN, NAT and DHCP, GRE Tunnel etc.
  • Configuring Flex link, Port Chanel, VTP, VLAN etc.



  • Able to configure Static & Dynamic routes in Mikrotik router.
  • Able to Configure BGP, OSPF, VPLS, Point-to-Point Tunnel [GRE Tunnel, EoIP Tunnel, IPIP Tunnel, VPN [PPTP, SSTP, L2TP], NAT, Hotspot, HTTP Filter, Web Proxy, DHCP Server, VLAN, Log Configuring, WDS Configuration, Firewall, Load balancing etc. User & Group Management, Queue list, Control Bandwidth per user.



  • Sound knowledge in User & group policy & file permission management
  • Have good knowledge different types of partition and also LVM Partition.
  • Well knowledge of various Server configuration and maintaining such as DNS, Squid, DHCP, FTP Server etc.
  • Knowledge of hosting Web Applications and Websites. 
  • Knowledge of Microsoft Exchange Server under Office 365 Tenancy
  • Well knowledge on IP Tables, TCP Wrapper.
  • Ability to Configure Monitoring tools such as CACTI, Smokeping, Observium and Nagios in Linux operating system`


Professional Certification:

  • Certification on CISCO Networking and Mikrotik Networking
  • Certification on Network Security



  • University degree in Information & Communication Technology


  • 05 years’ experience in managing a large networks preferably in any ISP.



  • Excellent communication, organizing, time management, and teamwork skills.
  • Ability to communicate complex technical information.
  • Self-motivated, team player who likes responsibilities.





Update Date : 19/11/2020

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