Public Practice

Public Practice

Certificate of admission and practice:

Upon a person being admitted as an associate or as a fellow member of ICAB and upon his/her commencing to practise, s/he shall in each event be entitled to a certificate to that effect under Seal.

Certificate of practice

1. No member of the Institute shall be entitled to practise within Bangladesh unless he has obtained from the Institute a Certificate of practice.

2. The certificate shall be issued in the Form prescribed by the Council and shall be valid until the 30th day of June of the following year.

3. The validity of the certificate shall, on payment of the annual fees, and on fulfillment of the directives of the Council, be extended from time to time by a renewal certificate to be issued by the Secretary in the Form prescribed by the Council.

4. The Council may impose such conditions as it may deem fit in connection with the issue and renewal of a Certificate of practice to a member.

5. The Council may cancel the Certificate of practice of a member, after giving him an opportunity of being heard, if conditions under which it is granted have not


Update Date : 11/05/2017

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