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IFAC Membership


IFAC’s mission is to serve the public interest by: contributing to the development, adoption and implementation of high-quality international standards and guidance; contributing to the development of strong professional accountancy organizations and accounting firms, and to high-quality practices by professional accountants; promoting the value of professional accountants worldwide; speaking out on public interest issues where the accountancy profession’s expertise is most relevant. IFAC members are professional accountancy organizations recognized by law or general consensus within their countries as substantial national organizations. The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Bangladesh (ICAB) is a glorious member of IFAC. For more info visit :





The IFRS Foundation is an independent, not-for-profit private sector organisation working in the public interest. Its principal objectives are:

  • to develop a single set of high quality, understandable, enforceable and globally accepted international financial reporting standards (IFRSs) through its standard-setting body, the IASB;

  • to promote the use and rigorous application of those standards;

  • to take account of the financial reporting needs of emerging economies and small and medium-sized entities (SMEs); and

  • to bring about convergence of national accounting standards and IFRSs to high quality solutions.

The IASB is the independent standard-setting body of the IFRS Foundation. In fulfilling its standard-setting duties the IASB follows a thorough, open and transparent due process of which the publication of consultative documents, such as discussion papers and exposure drafts, for public comment is an important component. The IASB engages closely with stakeholders around the world, including investors, analysts, regulators, business leaders, accounting standard-setters and the accountancy profession.


CAPA Membership


Introduced new core values to establish the organisation's culture and to provide a framework for Members and stakeholders working together and taking decisions. The mission of CAPA is to develop, coordinate, and advance the accounting profession in the region,by:

Contributing to the formation and development of strong and sustainable professional accounting organizations capable of providing and maintaining accountants to effectively meet the needs of the country in which they operate

Fostering a cohesive accounting profession within the region, by facilitating the development of relationships and sharing of knowledge amongst  professional accounting organizations

 Promoting the benefits of high quality financial management and reporting in public, not-for-profit, and private sectors, including international standards in accounting, audit, ethics, and accounting education

 Liaising with international, regional, and national organizations to influence the development of efficient and effective capital markets

 Promoting the value of professional accountants in the region

Providing input to, and supporting the global profession in, matters of public interest where the accountancy profession's expertise is most relevant, including establishing and issuing policy position

The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Bangladesh (ICAB) is a member & active partner of CAPA.



SAFA Membership


SAFA as a forum of professional accountancy bodies is committed to positioning, maintaining and developing the accountancy profession in SAARC Region and ensuring its continued eminence in the world of accountancy; in the public interest and towards broad economic development of the region.The current membership of SAFA represents the eight professional accountancy bodies in Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka. The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Bangladesh (ICAB) is a glorious member of SAFA.


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